- Falkenherz Decentralised Systems

Decentralization has proven to be a revolutionary mindset of tremendous importance for technological advancement, shaking the very core of modern societies. A project born out of sheer excitement for the future, DeSys is the embodiment of human creativity and technological prowess. The foundation of the company is built upon the commitment to deliver tangible results to anyone, no matter how big or small, willing to switch from status quo to a new decentralized world.

DeSys Pay

DeSys Pay is a commercial cryptocurrency payment service for developers to integrate into platforms that enable users to pay via crypto coins. Through a provided API developers are able to use the service individually for every platform to satisfy their needs and handle crypto payments as it suits them best without considering security issues whereas they are dutifully handled by the DeSys team.

DeSys Trader

The volatility of cryptocurrencies create many opportunities and DeSys Trader is developed for the purpose of to seizing them. A semi-automatic application with smart algorithms connected to the major crypto exchanges with built-in portfolio management features. The desktop application was built from ground-up ensuring the highest speed, security and flexibility. Currently, the tool is in Alpha and will be opened for public once ready for the market.
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